Thursday, July 26, 2012


Well, it worked.  The baby grew inside me as we toured the US and Europe (mostly Italy), she finally came into the world (two weeks late), we named her Sylvia Tallulah, and now she is three months old and nicknamed Sylvie and loves coming to band practice (with headphones on).  In this picture I think she looks like a train-hopper who would go by the name Ramblin' Syl.

I've been thinking a lot about how she relates to the Madoff piece I'm working on.  On the surface - so distant.  A little deeper - so very close.  It's difficult to say that everything is connected without sounding facile or reductionist, but that's it.  Everything is connected.  Every single thing.  I can almost see the strings these days.  There is a special kind of postpartum vision, a blood red vision, a vision of meat and light.  

It's from this space that I'm composing new songs about FBI agents, therapists, and Buddhist monks (and their perspective on Madoff), and assembling the team who will be working with me to help me realize this project.  Our little family, and therefore our band, is based in Portland Oregon for the summer.  Having lived in the concrete-bound lands of Bushwick, Brooklyn for the past 3 years, I can really appreciate seeing trees at this moment, this very moment, when I look up and out through the window of the walk-in-closet which is my office and also where we change the baby.  

Everything is connected.  

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  1. Hi. Noticed your fans' lack of comments (Sing-A-Long is fun). You don't seem like an intimidating mother yet. Just thought I would chime in and say, I never knew about your published poetry, until Today. Good luck with your latest album promotion and congratulations.

    Attribution is key.